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The Intelligence Layer for MarTech 

You've collected your prospects' historical data.
It's time to predict what they will do.

Enrich your MarTech data with XaiPient Predictions

XaiPient's AI predictive engine learns from your historical marketing/sales data, and predicts your best leads, and identifies the most effective touches.

Why XaiPient

XaiPient helps you accurately prioritize your prospects

Our deep-learning AI will find your most sales-ready leads, no need for complex scoring rules, or months of ML development work. Our AI engine is flexible, requires no tedious feature-engineering, and is powered by our research over the past few years.

XaiPient identifies the best marketing and sales touches

XaiPient’s Explainability engine makes predictions transparent, showing which touchpoints are most effective in driving outcomes, so you can optimally allocate your budget and boost ROI. 

Stay in your marketing platform if you prefer

XaiPient's engine pushes scores, recommendations and insights into your marketing platform so that you can seamlessly integrate them into your workflow.

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For HubSpot Users

Install our app

Once you install our app from the HubSpot App Marketplace, it pulls in your historical data, builds a model, and in a day or two you will receive a link to a detailed dashboard of scores, attributions and insights. Key predicive scores are pushed back into your HubSpot so you can use them to filter or rank your prospects within HubSpot. Support for other MarTech platforms is on our roadmap.


For anyone with MarTech data in a cloud warehouse

Enterprises, Analytics Platforms, Data Aggregators

1. Point us to your historical data

The starting point is your historical data, consisting of marketing/sales events at the entity level you care about (i.e., account, company, contact, etc), in your cloud data warehouse, e.g. BigQuery, AWS, etc. You can optionally de-identify or anonymize your data before sharing with us. You will also need to tell us the outcome you want to predict, e.g. Opportunity, Closed Won, etc.

2. Our AI learns a predictive model (~ 1-2 days)

We audit your data, adjust our AI to suit your needs, and launch a process to tune the AI to find the most accurate and robust model.

3. XaiPient model adds predictions and attributions to your data

We set up a periodic (hourly, daily, etc) process to augment your data with predictions and attributions. You can then use these predictions in your own platform, or use our dashboard to see detailed scores and insights. XaiPient can also push scores back into your platform.

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You are on your way!

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