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Get predictions augmented with the rationale behind them, so you can make more informed decisions
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What you get

If you're a business analyst, you just need to plug in your data, and our SAAS platform fits unbiased models. Unlike most BI solutions that show just predictions, we show the rationale behind them, so you can trust and act on them, to improve your business metrics. If you're a Data Scientist or ML Engineer who writes code, we're also offering a model training and explanation API (request access here).

Under the hood

We're leveraging our research and IP in fair, robust, explainable model-training, and automatic generation of high-level, domain-specific, actionable explanations. The explanations combine narratives and visuals and are tailored to the technical expertise of the audience.

About us

We're empowering non-coder business analysts to turbo-charge their decision-making by delivering actionable predictions and insights. The co-founders are two CMU PhDs (in CS and ML) who are active in Trustworthy AI research, and have a combined four decades of research and industry experience in Security and Machine Learning.
We are proud to be accepted into these accelerators for 2020-2021: CDL AI Stream and Nvidia Inception

Papers & Articles

NEW → Introducing XaiPient’s API for Model-Explanations (Nov 2020)
NEW → Concise Explanations of Neural Networks using Adversarial Training (ICML 2020)
NEW → CAUSE: Learning Granger Causality from Event Sequences using Attribution Methods (ICML 2020)
NEW → Data-Dependent Differentially Private Parameter Learning for Directed Graphical Models (ICML 2020)
Explainability in Deep Neural Networks, Parts 1-4
Robust Attribution Regularization (NeurIPS 2019)
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