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Close more deals with less work

Let our AI crunch your data and find your best leads and campaigns. No need to set up rules.

Why XaiPient


XaiPient Marketing Intelligence

XaiPient connects to your marketing platform, recommends the best campaigns, and predicts your best leads. Powered by AI.

For HubSpot Users & Agencies

Connect in seconds, and see quick insights.

For Other Marketing Platforms

Custom integrations with other marketing platforms, and ABM platforms.

XaiPient takes the guesswork

out of sales qualification

Our deep-learning AI will find your most sales-ready leads, no need for complex scoring rules.

XaiPient identifies the best marketing and sales touches

XaiPient’s Explainability engine quantifies how much each touchpoint is contributing to a lead’s prediction.

XaiPient simplifies prospecting and lead-generation

Our Look-Alike Fit Score model helps you rate how well new prospect profiles fit your past customers.

Stay in your marketing platform if you prefer

XaiPient's engine pushes scores, recommendations and insights into your marketing platform so that you can seamlessly integrate them into your workflow.

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